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EviDenS de Beauté

EviDenS de Beauté

Charles-Edouard Barthes, a businessman working in French fashion, and Eriko Nakamura, a famous anchorwoman on Japanese television. It all began in the elevator of a Tokyo hotel... 

Such love may be brought to light, but no one will be able to grasp its true beauty if they are unfamiliar with the very beginning.

Before uniting in marriage, followed by the revolutionary idea that led to the creation of Evidens de Beauté, is a story of intimacy.  An intimacy that has developed over time, thanks to surprising, unexpected, sometimes unsuccessful, but always romantic encounters... whose only narrators are the heroes of this adventure.


EviDenS de Beauté is a tribute from a French man to his Japanese wife, and beyond her, to all women.

“Having fallen madly in love with Japan, the splendor of Japanese women and the most beautiful woman of them all, I wanted to develop the ultimate skincare line to pay homage to her beauty”. 



Japan is world renowned for its expertise in cosmetology. In order to meet high quality standards, completing his vision of excellence for EviDenS de Beauté, Charles Edouard Barthes developed product lines in collaboration with one of the most talented scientists, Professor Ishibashi, PhD in applied biotechnology, internationally-renowned researcher, advisor to the ministry of health and former head of R&D at leading Japanese cosmetics companies for over 20 years.

Pr. Ishibashi and his team work in line with the belief that even the most accomplished formula can always be improved, following the Kaizen philosophy anchored in Japanese culture – the never-ending quest for perfection.



Effectiveness first

The exceptional performance of the products has won over the world’s most demanding Japanese clientele and has proven to be efficient through a series of diverse clinical studies. Like millions of Japanese women, you too, can trust us.



French identity is at the core of the brand: the brand’s roots are intimately intertwined with Charles-Edouard Barthes’ origins. 

La Foux spring water is renowned for its incredible curative benefits and recognized as one of the purest spring waters on earth. The tale starts with Popée, the wife of Roman Emperor Neron, who drank this water every day to heal her fragile health. All year long, no matter the season, La Foux spring water maintains the same temperature as it originates from the deepest layers of the ground, constantly preserving its freshness and purity.  In homage to his birthplace and French roots, and after numerous rounds of tests, La Foux spring water has been added to every EviDens de Beauté formula in order to boost its effectiveness.


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